“Jamie Gale has had his finger on the Boutique Guitar market’s pulse for awhile, now he’s become the pulse.”

Randy Parsons | Parsons Guitars


“Jamie was instrumental in helping us envision a new way for luthiers to engage with a global media and buying audience at NAMM Shows. He is a consummate proffessional, always applying a creative, forward-thinking, solution-oriented approach to any task at hand. He has been a great asset to the NAMM team.”



“We’ve been a proud supporter of the growing Boutique Guitar Showcase since its inception. Jamie and his team attract the best in the business and execute their events and programs with an industry leading high standard of quality and professionalism. Partnerships of this kind are hard to come by and we are honored.”

Chris Griffiths CSO | D’Addario & Co.

enTour Magazine 2020

Magazine concept developed for the Boutique Guitar Showcase enTour. Intended to fill the need for both brochure and program, the form of a magazine helped to deliver the message of the lifestyle around the global boutique guitar market.

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“Since rock first rolled, musicians have fondled their guitars as if they were sculptures out of Constantine Brancusi’s atelier. Now Oakville has ‘the first venue in the world’ given over to the guitar as ‘an icon of contemporary sculptural art.’ One could argue with all the hyperbole. Yet it’s supported in part by the instruments themselves…”

Peter Goddard | Toronto Star


Concept development for contextual music education, including pedagogy, structural re-design, and branding evolution.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you would like to know more about Jamie Gale’s work, please send him a message and he will be glad to discuss it with you.