An experienced artist, retailer, gallerist, curator, distributor, manufacturer, consultant, and public speaker. Having experienced more than 600 retail stores around the world, while working closely with more than 150 of this generations top luthiers, i.e. Ulrich Teuffel, Steve Klein, Byran Galloup, unique brands like UFIP Cymbals, PUR Cajon, and Cole Clark Guitars and a consultant to NAMM, the largest musical instrument trade organization in the world.

“Jamie and his team attract the best in the business.”

Chris Griffiths CSO | D’Addario & Co.

“Jamie Gale thinks outside of the box. As a matter of fact, he has redefined the box… His approach to the marketing of guitars reflects his passion for and deep understanding of the instrument.”

Michael Greenfield | Greenfield Guitars

“Jamie Gale is the pre-eminent authority on the guitar. His clear vision on the future of the instrument given his in-depth knowledge of it’s history coupled with his un-precedented network of luthiers, player, dealers, and enthusiasts make him a go-to resource for the fretted.”

Mark Hebert | Cosmo Music

“Jamie Gale has had his finger on the Boutique Guitar market’s pulse for awhile, now he’s become the pulse.”

Randy Parsons | Parsons Guitars

If you would like to know more about Jamie Gale’s work, please send him a message and he will be glad to discuss it with you.