Guitar Making Schools​

As a leading expert in the world of Guitars, Jamie offers to share his experience with Guitar Making Schools around the world. Offering a broad range of topics, from the conceptual to the practical, i.e. design, brand development, marketing, and other business related topics.

HTBLA | Hallstatt, Austria
November 2019

CMB | Puurs, Belgium
October 2019

Bryan Galloup's School of Lutherie | Big Rapids, MI, USA
September 2019

Newark College | Newark, United Kingdom
November 2017

“I invited Jamie to Newark College in England to deliver a lecture to our students about marketing hand built guitars after attending a seminar he conducted at the European Guitar Builders symposium in Berlin. It is often difficult for artists and craftspeople to think about marketing effectively without feeling that they are selling out or compromising their honesty. Jamie’s approach shows you can do this effectively with 100% integrity by harnessing your own passions and focusing on yourself and your motivation more than on the products you make. Both sessions left me and the student feeling inspired and eager to have another look at our own marketing.”

Adrian Lucas | Guitar Maker & Lecturer | BA Musical Instrument Craft

EGB (European Guitar Builder) Symposium | Berlin, Germany
October 2016


In this interactive talk, Jamie Gale discussed, “Perspective and Contrast.” Inspired by many years of discussions with luthiers from all over the world, their passions, concerns, and tribulations, this presentation explored how they might achieve happiness within their own lives and business.

If you would like to know more about Jamie Gale’s work, please send him a message and he will be glad to discuss it with you.